Alchemy Metal-Wear

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Birth of a Demon Pendant
The skull of an emerging nightmare. Width 1.06" x Height 1.5" x Depth 0.63" Approx. ..
Black Knight's Cross Pendant
Awarded for dastardly deeds. Width 1.38" x Height 1.34" x Depth 0.28" Approx. ..
Celts Cross Pendant
Early Christianity in classical Celtic carved knotwork. Width 0.75" x Height 1.54" x Depth 0.08" ..
Chaostar Pendant
The compass in which every direction points north from the centre, symbolising the principle and ..
Gestalt Skull Buckle
Grotesque deformation and corruption of man. Width 3.66" x Height 3.46" x Depth 1.26" Approx. ..
In Memoriam Ring
A silent and sombre dedication expressed in this polished black-enamel, Victorian mourning ring. ..
Letter of Marque Belt Buckle
An official, Royal warrant given to 'privateers', (pirates!), authorising them to seize and destr..
No Evil Belt Buckle
Just get on with life and death; hear, speak and see NO EVIL! ..
Osbourne's Cross Pendant
  Sign of a priest of darkness. ..
Thunder Hammer Belt Buckle
  The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjolnir..

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