Alchemy 1977 Gothic

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Noctis Cross Pendant
Gothic pewter cross with haemoglobin red and black enamel. ..
Paladin's Tithe Trinket Box
Final resting place for the keepsakes of the tragic, but inevitable, interlude between Birth &..
Passion Ring
The tortuous thorns of self sacrifice bleed with tears of Swarovski crystal. Width 0.94" x Height..
Pirate Princess Leather Strap Bracelet
A sexy and feisty flourish from the age of daring grandiloquence. Leather strap with adjustable f..
Renaissance Cross of Passion
With customary lavish Orthodox flourishing, the deep red Swarovski crystal Sacred Heart is displa..
Shadow of Death Ring
Large, deep burgundy, faceted Swarovski crystal mounted in a circle of ivy-grown skulls. ..
Skull & Briar Rose Bracelet
A beautiful romance, turned to death and ashes. Pewter & black resin with double ribbon fitti..
St. Lorenz Kruez Pendant
Gothic tracery inspired by the great cathedral; black crystal. Width 1.3" x Height 1.97" x Depth ..
The Alchemist Cane
Sinister sophistication is offered in this highest of quality walking canes. The solid hallmarked..
The Alchemist's Box
The foremost mediaeval practitioner of the hermetic arts discerns the path of destiny. ..
The Reliquary Heart Locket
An ostentatiously sized, richly embellished heart locket, to take a generous memento picture; wit..
The Wormsood Tree-Absinthe Shot Glass
The truly decadent way to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of the green fairy. App..
XXXBlack Roase Ale Glass
An imperial pint straight glass, badged in glorious dignity with a cast pewter skull ‘n bones lab..

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